Sega's Phantasy Star Online Hundred Thousand Reservation Campaign

Never a company to shy away from advertising an anticipated product in creative ways, Sega has announced a Phantasy Star Online 100,000 Person Reservation Campaign in Japan. In an effort to entice people to preorder their upcoming online RPG, players will receive goodies for their initiative. Those that reserve Phantasy Star Online at certain shops in Japan will be given a PSO Original Dog Tag, which will be available upon pickup of the game. These tags will exist in ten different types, each with a logo of a certain race in the game. In addition, players that preorder will be entered in a drawing to win prizes including a Sharp DVD player and a Sharp Minidisc player. Sega's goal seems to be the placement of at least a hundred thousand preorders for the game.

Phantasy Star Online is Sega's much-anticipated online continuation of the Phantasy Star series. It will allow a player to join with up to three others to travel together and exchange items with one another. It is not yet known if the upcoming North American release will have a similar promotion as that announced in Japan. RPGamer will keep you posted on any new developments on the release of this highly anticipated game.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [MagicBox]
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