Skies of Arcadia Released
Skies of Arcadia

Sega continues to keep RPGamers happy with today's release of the Dreamcast "Aerial Epic" known as Skies of Arcadia. Designed by Reiko Kodama, who did work on the original Phantasy Star, Skies of Arcadia features over three hundred unique characters, two GD-ROMs of gameplay, numerous mini-games, and bonus items that can be downloaded from the Internet to a VMU.

Skies of Arcadia takes place in a world composed of floating islands, where airships are the common method of travel. The player will take control of a character named Vyse, who is forced to become a hero to combat the evil Valuan Empire. During his quest, Vyse will visit six completely different worlds, each with their own language, culture, attire, and traditions, each exquisitely rendered in real-time 3-D. Combat is turn-based, and has separate systems for character-to-character and airship-to-airship battles. Eventually, the player will be able to customize their ship and headquarters, with a crew of up to twenty-two members, each affecting the story and gameplay in a different way.

Spanning two GD-ROMs, Skies of Arcadia looks to be a truly epic RPG for the Dreamcast. Featuring downloadable items, a real-time 3-D world, complete freedom of movement, and a creator who formerly worked on the Phantasy Star series, this game is certainly worth a look. For more information on Skies of Arcadia, check out RPGamer's own preview. Skies of Arcadia is rated "T" for Teen and should be available at local retailers (and for $49.95.

by Justin Weiss    
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