Sony to Release Original Chinese RPG

Japan is the most well-known country of origin for console RPGs. However, Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong has announced an RPG, titled The Eagle Shooting Heroes, which is one of very few Chinese-developed console RPGs. As such, the game will be released in three languages: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, and Japanese. The Eagle Shooting Heroes is based on the popular novel of the same name by Jin Yong. The game will take place in eleventh century China. Also included will be realtime cinema scenes as well as five hours of CG movies by Hong Kong computer firm Centro.

Since the game is based on a kung-fu novel, it is only natural that the battle system will utilize the same style of fighting. In fact, the battle system is based on three different styles of kung-fu (inner, outer, and float), with each being weak to one type and strong against another in a rock-paper-scissors arrangement. Thus, players will have to keep track of what fighting styles their characters use if they want to succeed in the game. Another system, called the "Obsession System," will randomly affect the way characters battle. These effects can give advantage and/or disadvantages to characters, including obsessions like "Anger," which will increase battle strength but decrease defense, or "Concentration," which will allow a character to perform one hit kills. This will add luck into the battles, making each battle more interesting.

Dozens of minigames and five hours of side events appear in the game as well. From shooting down panthers to riding on a mad horse or matching food dishes with their names, enough minigames should be available to avoid any monotony that might exist in the game. The Eagle Shooting Heroes should be available in Japan on November 30, 2000. No North American release is planned.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Magic Box]
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