New Games in Square's Millennium Collection

In Japan, Square is currently selling the latest edition of its Millennium Collection-- a set of previously-released games, each re-packaged with memorabilia related to the game. The latest edition includes two different versions of Xenogears, as well as Parasite Eve II and Chrono Cross.

The new Millennium Collection edition of Xenogears has a Fei Version and an Elly Version. Both contain the original game. The Fei Version also includes a figurine of Bart and a figurine of Fei. The Elly Version includes a figurine of Elly (yowza!) and a figurine of Chu Chu. Chrono Cross now comes packaged with a Kid desk calendar and a Starky figurine (he's known as Starchild in Japan). Finally, the new edition of Parasite Eve II comes with a gorgeous figurine of Aya and a photo set, presumably of the original model for Aya.

It is unlikely that these Millennium editions will be released in North America.

by Jimmy Avistetto    
Source: [Square]
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