Sega Designs 3D RPG Creator for Dreamcast

Budding RPG designers who got their feet wet with Ascii's RPG Maker will want to keep an eye on Sega's new RPG creator for their Dreamcast system. Dream Studio, a complete 3D RPG production kit, will allow anyone from beginning RPG designers to those more experienced with game design to create original games using 3D models and environments. Nearly every aspect of the game, from the camera positioning to the characters, can be modified by the user.

Sega has stressed ease of use in Dream Studio, hoping that even those without any programming knowledge will be able to use the visual scenario editor to create games. Another wise move from Sega is the added ability to use "Dream Passport 3" to allow players to exchange their creations with one another. Thus, RPG design communities and competitions should appear, forcing an improvement in the quality of these user-created games.

Sega does not currently have plans for Dream Studio to see a North American release. However, the game will be available in Japan on November 9, 2000 with an estimated price of 6800 yen.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Sega]
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