Square Unleashes FFIX Campaign

Final Fantasy fans will likely recall the intense and occasionally overwhelming hype which surrounded the release of the previous two titles in the series. Quite to the contrary of these, Final Fantasy IX, Square's latest installment, has so far been quietly drawing nearer to its November 14 release date. However, it would be greatly out of character for Square to allow its reigning RPG Champion to appear without some appropriate fanfare.

Square has announced its plans for Final Fantasy IX's big-screen promotional campaign, which is scheduled to begin tomorrow in 244 movie complexes across the nation. The game's logo and character art will be displayed in theater lobbies and on popcorn bags, as well as featured in the preshow slides of 1,941 movie screens through the end of the year. As well, a television ad campaign will begin on November 13, just before the release day. These ads will run for five weeks and can be seen on MTV, Comedy Central, FOX, UPN and ESPN.

Based on the huge success of Consumer Demo Day just a few weeks ago at the San Francisco Metreon, it is clear that anticipation is high for Final Fantasy IX, the third and last of the series which will appear on the original PlayStation. Watch for these new ads at your local movie theaters, or catch them appearing on television as the big day approaches.

by Matthew Wanlin
Sources: [GameSpot, Daily Radar]
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