Phantasy Star Limited Edition Cancelled

The "Limited Edition" version of Sega's upcoming Phantasy Star Online, has reportedly been cancelled. Fans need not panic, however, as the regular version of the game maintains its scheduled December 21 Japanese release date.

Phantasy Star Online Limited Edition, announced just last month, would have included a special Sonic Team VMU capable of storing 800 blocks, four times more than the standard Dreamcast ones. Demonstrations of the game have shown that it will require nearly 200 blocks in order to sufficiently save game data, leading to the idea of packaging the larger memory card in this special version. No further "Limited Edition" features were mentioned.

Although no reason was given for the cancellation, the significantly increased Limited Edition price may have been the cause, retailing for 9800 Yen ($90) as opposed to 5800 ($50) for just the normal game. The special Sonic Team VMU will still be available and is still recommended for use with the game. It will ship on December 21, separately from Phantasy Star Online.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [SegaWeb]
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