Phantasy Star Characters/Stages Described

Continuing the steady release of Phantasy Star Online information, preliminary character information and rough descriptions of the early game are off the press at Sega. Beginning adventurers will be able to play as any several characters possibilities. Three character classes are available: Hunters, Rangers, and Forcers are available for the choosing. Each class then contains three races--Human, Newman, and Android--making for nine possible avenues of character selection.

Additionally, light has been shed on the first five stages of the game. The first two are Weald stages--artificial forests created by the pioneers inhabiting them. After this, players advance to a series of three Cave Zones, occupied by lava caves, subterranean waterways, and an assortment of man-made facilities. Further information on Phantasy Star Online can be had in RPGamer's ongoing coverage.

by Bill Johnson    
Source: [Daily Radar]
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