Baldur's Gate Franchise Pushed Over $20 Million Mark
Baldur's Gate II

Aspiring game designers hoping to get rich in the industry should take interest in the following bit of information: The top-selling Baldur's Gate II, generating an estimated $4 million, has pushed the franchise over $20 million since the release of the first game. Baldur's Gate II has become Interplay's best launched PC title ever. In the overly comptetitive PC game market, these figures are especially impressive.

Baldur's Gate II takes place in the Forgotten Realms world of the first game (as well as many pen-and-paper AD&D campaigns). Neverwinter Nights is another upcoming game from BioWare and Black Isle, allowing multiplayer games with a set dungeon master. This system, also found in Vampire: The Masquerade, allows for a more personal approach than most massively multiplayer RPGs currently give the players.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [The Adrenaline Vault]
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