Namco's Dragon Valor Available

If you haven't noticed, there have been a few Role-Playing Games released recently, and it seems like no publisher wants to miss out on the fun. This includes Namco, who have now added another RPG to their portfolio. Namco's Dragon Valor has officially shipped to stores across North America.

Dragon Valor is an interesting combination of Zelda-esque gameplay with more RPG elements. It also has the interesting twist of a "heir" system where you get to pick a wife at the end of a chapter from the women you met. The choice you make actually determines what will appear in the next chapter, including what boss you face and what characters you can meet. For more, you can check out RPGamer's Dragon Valor preview.

Dragon Valor is available for $39.99 and has an ESRB rating of Teen, due to animated violence. RPGamer will have a review for this game online soon. Watch out for this possible sleeper hit from Namco. It just might surprise you.

by "Doug "Stom" Hill"    
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