Bandai Announces SD Gundam Hero

Bandai has announced SD Gundam Hero, a new RPG for the WonderSwan Color. As the name implies, SD Gundam Hero is based on the Gundam anime series. At this point no further story details have been revealed concerning the game.

SD Gundam Hero will be released in two chapters: "Chapter of Light" and "Chapter of Warrior". Although each version of the game contains different characters and adventures, an innovative new feature will allow both versions to be linked together, bringing characters from both versions together and expanding the storyline. Even more features can be unlocked by linking the games together with the PlayStation version, although exactly how this will be done hasn't been revealed.

SD Gundam Hero is scheduled for a February 2001 release in Japan. It is currently unknown whether either the game or the WonderSwan Color will be brought to North America.

by Jimmy Avistetto    
Source: [Magic Box]
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