Team XKalibur Closes Mythri Petition Drive

For the past few months, RPGamer has been following the progress of an upcoming Game Boy Color RPG. Given the relative scarcity of RPGs for the system, and the still greater rarity of top-notch releases, word of a potentially groundbreaking new game should be enough to perk any RPGamer's interest. That game is Mythri.

Mythri's developer, Team XKalibur, conducted a fan petition drive over the past several months to help convince publishers to bring it to store shelves. The drive has now closed, but over 4,000 fans have signed the dotted line in recent weeks. Furthermore, according to Team XKalibur, several publishers are currently evaluating Mythri for publication. These companies may be skeptical about whether the gaming public will buy a game styled in Mythri's old-fashioned, "classic" RPG manner. According to the developers, it's up to fans to contact publishers to demonstrate their support for Team XKalibur's creation--and while the official petition is no longer an option, Team XKalibur's web site provides contact information for a number of companies, and suggestions for helping to promote Mythri.

New and old fans alike can check out RPGamer's healthy supply of Mythri media, including screen shots, MIDI and digital music, and character artwork. Thanks to Team XKalibur's work, RPG fans everywhere are getting the chance to make their voices heard in a meaningful way to the companies who publish their favorite games; and every fan who speaks out in Mythri's favor brings this unusual, but promising new game that much closer to becoming a reality.

by Bill Johnson    
Source: [Team XKalibur]
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