Sega Lands Eternal Arcadia Inside Famitsu

Sega wants to put copies of Eternal Arcadia in as many RPGamers' hands as possible. Weekly Famitsu is one of Japan's most widely circulated game magazines--they don't call it a bible for nothing. What happens when these two circumstances come together?

Each copy of this week's Famitsu magazine contains a full version of Sega's Eternal Arcadia. The catch is that the discs are in the @barai format, a shareware-type approach to game distribution. The discs themselves let Dreamcast owners try out roughly the first 10% of the game for free, but progressing beyond that means coughing up the dough. To unlock the remainder of the game, you'll need to take your Dreamcast online and purchase a registration code granting access to the rest.

For anyone interested in the Eternal Arcadia unit itself without the magazine, standalone copies of the @barai version can be purchased as well. Those of you thinking about picking up this Dreamcast RPG when it hits America should check out RPGamer's extensive coverage.

by Bill Johnson    
Source: [IGNDC]
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