Ogre Battle 64 Released

Ogre Battle 64, the long-awaited third chapter in the Ogre series, is finally available for American public consumption. This single release does little to dislodge the Sony PlayStation as the current console king of RPG's, but everywhere, RPG players owning Nintendo 64's have long awaited this new tactical RPG.

Ogre Battle 64's predecessors are both recognized for the length and depth of their story and gameplay, and indications are that the newest chapter will continue in the same vein as its brothers. Other common features include micro- and macromanagement, first creating troop units and then managing them throughout the game scenarios.

Nintendo squeezed a remarkable 320 megabits into this cartridge, and the in-game story follow one of three concrete stories dependent upon a number of pivotal decisions posed throughout the game. Between the proven formula it employs for its game mechanics, and the added visual pizzazz of making the leap to Nintendo 64, Ogre Battle looks like a sure winner. For more information check out RPGamer's in-depth coverage.

by Bill Johnson    
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