Wolfpack Studios to Sponsor Shadowbane Contest

Wolfpack Studios, developers of the upcoming online RPG Shadowbane, will be providing prizes for a contest to be held at the Crossroads of Shadowbane web site. In a departure from the conventional "explain in 250 words or less what you like about this game," theme, Wolfpack Studios is having participants enter by submitting "in their own words and the clearest language, what they consider an important issue of concern in Shadowbane's design, or any aspect of its gameplay, testing, or customer support."

While this is clearly not a conventional contest approach, Wolfpack Studios claims Shadowbane is not a conventional RPG. According to Crossroads of Shadowbane, "The purpose of this contest is first to showcase the sort of thinking that has driven its community of fans for almost two years, and to encourage it to continue through beta testing, and past commercial release." The grand prize winner will receive a Shadowbane beta account (testing is scheduled to begin next month), and second and third places will receive t-shirts and stationery pens.

by Bill Johnson    
Source: [Crossroads of Shadowbane]
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