Star Ocean Coming to GBC

   Enix has announced that they will be porting their Super Famicom game Star Ocean to the Gameboy Color sometime next year. Star Ocean is the prequel to Star Ocean: The Second Story, released on PlayStation earlier this year. The original SFC game was a 48 MBit cartridge that stretched the 16-bit system to its limit at the time, so it is unsure how faithful the port to GBC will be.

   American gamers may have a chance now to see the original Star Ocean in English, since the game was not released on the Super Nintendo due to the fact that Enix had closed their US offices when the game was released. There is no word of an American localization yet, but with Enix's strong recent presence the idea is not impossible.

   Perhaps the most important part of this announcement is simply the fact that Star Ocean is a large SFC game, as opposed to the NES games which have been ported to the GBC so far. Perhaps if this port works out well, gamers could see more of the SNES favorites or games they missed out on be re-released on portable systems. RPGamer will keep a close eye on this story and its possible ramifications as news develops.

by Curtis Harmon

Source: Magic Box

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