Evergrace System Hop and New Details Released

Recently, From Software, the developers for the Action/RPG Evergrace, announced that a platform change for the game would be eminent. The title seemed to be simply too ambitious in the graphics department for the PlayStation to handle, and has now been confirmed to be a PS2 title.

Two characters have been announced thus far, Yuterald and Sharami. Throughout the game, the player will take on the role of one character at a time, playing different scenarios for each, until the two characters meet up and go through subsequent scenarios together. Palmira jewels, which increase the character's physical attributes as well as give them magical abilities and special attacks, seem to be the "magic" system that will be used for the Evergrace.

Evergrace will be the first Action/RPG for the PS2, and therefore, will have a lot to live up to. From the looks of the newly acquired screens of Evergrace we have, From Software has been doing a great job so far. As always, we'll release new information about this title as it becomes available.

by Dan Calderman


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