Parasite Eve 2 Casting Call

With the release of Parasite 2 on the horizon for Japan, the 16th to be precise, more information has been released on the cast of characters. M.I.S.T., the Midochondria Investigation and Suppression Team, has 12 members, including the heroine Aya, and some will play very important roles in the story.

Pierce D. Carradine - a skilled gatherer of information and a former hacker, but not very useful in a fight.
Jodie Bouquet - the equipment and weapon remodeler
Rupert Patrick - he joined M.I.S.T. when his family was killed by the Catcher(??). He's ex-FBI.
Gary Douglas - he's a weapons expert and works part time in his garage. He lives with his dog Flint. (potential boss?) Kyle Madigan - a detective who aquired info about the Catcher and M.I.S.T. Bric Baldwin - the chief of M.I.S.T. He's an investigations specialist, gives orders to his team by phone, but does not seem to be linked to the infamous Baldwin brothers of the silver screen.

Also noted was that enemy A.I. would be highly improved, as enemies will use their environment to their advantage, and sometimes might even use disguises. In order to keep track of who's human and who's not-quite-human-anymore, you will have a GPS, a motion sensor machine to detect enemies from a distance. Parasite Eve 2 is slated for a U.S. release sometime next year.

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
Source: [Magicbox]
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