Ouki Houshin, Unknown Dreamcast SRPG

   The Dreamcast seems to have a plethora of news, unknown RPGs coming out soon in Japan, and the latest one to be announced is a strategy RPG entitled Ouki Houshin. The game is scheduled for a December 16th release in Japan. The story takes place in a fantasy world with a heavy oriental touch. You play as a girl training to become a fairy; to do this, you must accomplish many tasks, including driving out the evil fairies who are conspiring to use their "chi" for evil purposes (hence their being evil!).

   Chi will affect all characters' and enemies' power in battle and exploration. Places can have positive or negative chi, which affects your own chi. You can use your chi for good and gain more chi by defeating the evil fairies.

   Considering the heavy Oriental touch that is present in the RPG, and the seemingly too-cute story of a girl becoming a fairy, it is doubtful that Ouki Houshin will make it to America, but one never knows! If it does, fans of the kawaii look out, because I can't imagine too many story premises cuter than this!

by Curtis Harmon

Source: The Magic Box

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