New Namco RPG Details

   Namco's "God RPG" has finally been officially announced. The title of the game is Kamurai Shinrai, and the setting is going to be a fantasy setting, with Countries of Earth, Fire, Light, Sky, Life, and Dark. The Gods of the world live in the Country of Light, high above the land. The storyline will be split between two main characters, one a god, and one a human. Two human and god characters each have been revealed: Syuon, Kagato, Fushi, and Sayohime.

   As any new RPG seemingly must, Kamurai Shinrai will have at least two new systems, one called the Mind and Will System, and the other called the Cutting Back Script System. The former will affect how reliably your party members obey the hero's commands in battle according to their will, and the latter is a system where two storylines exist in the game, and they are played alternately by the player.

by Curtis Harmon

Source: The Magic Box

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