Vandal Hearts II Released

   Konami's strategy RPG, Vandal Hearts II, was released in stores all across America today. The sequel to the original Vandal Hearts does not have any continuation of its storyline, in true RPG form, but contains much the same feel. For a more in-depth look at the title, stay tuned for a review of Vandal Hearts II soon from RPGamer!

   As a side note, Vandal Hearts II has mod-chip detection, so importers beware!

by Curtis Harmon

Just given to RPGamer, codes for the GameShark to override the modchip lockout. As usual, we only post these as an information service for RPGamers everywhere. RPGamer does not support or endorse the use of these codes. Please do not contact us for assistance.

D00865F0 0119                                                                   
800865F2 0302                                                                   
D00865F4 0119                                                                   
800865F6 0301                                                                   
D00865F4 0119                                                                   
800865FC 001A                                                                   
Thanks to Brad Williams for the tip
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