Squaresoft Online Store Opening

   In a press release today, Square EA announced that they will be opening an online store to sell Squaresoft games and products. You will be able to games as old as Parasite Eve and Xenogears, and all current and future Squaresoft games will be available for sale. There will also be various merchandise, including soundtracks such as the Final Fantasy 8 Music Collection. The site will launch on December 3rd. They have also announced that the first 100 customers to place an order for $100 or more will receive a Final Fantasy 8 T-Shirt for free. More promotions will follow. You can use most major credit cards to place orders, and yes, there will be pre-orders for games and merchandise as well. Oh, by the way, the address is and will launch a week from Friday.

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
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