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   Sony is aiming high with Legend of Dragoon, trying to make it one of the largest RPGs out there. They continue to amaze with the announcement that there will be 108 different races in the game, ranging from race #99, the Dwarves, to race #108, the Gods. Simply having 108 races makes the game grow even larger in the eyes of eager gamers.

   In addition to this information, additional characters and the beginning of the story has been announced. Your quest begins with the invasion of Dart and Shana's village by an army. On your adventure, you will also meet Ravits, a dragoon who has been thrown into jail by the rebellion force, Leenus, an intelligent female magic-user who is one of the last winged humans, and Kongol, a giant who wields a 220-pound axe and initially believes Dart to be an enemy!

   The battle system of Legend of Dragoon has been revealed to be similar to that of Final Fantasy VII, with easy-to-use icons. An "Additional System" allows characters to do more damage or use special attacks if the player presses buttons at the right time when attacking. This system sounds similar to gunblades in Final Fantasy VIII, but the Additional System applies to all characters and also to magical attacks.

by Curtis Harmon

Source: Magic Box

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