Move over Pikachu, meet Pichu!

   That's right, Pichu is a newly-discovered pre-evolved form of Pikachu found in Pokémon Silver/Gold, the upcoming sequels. Also discovered were two new 'types' of Pokémon, the "steel" type and the "devil" type. There are a number of new Pokémon that have yet to be revealed, including more pre-evolved forms of current Pokémon, some more advanced evolutions of current Pokémon, and some Pokémon that just have not been seen yet. All of that will end this Sunday, when the long-awaited sequels are finally released in the Land of the Rising Sun. Stay tuned for lots of good stuff next week as the world of Pokémon will never be the same.

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
Source: [Pocket.IGN.Com]
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