Megami Tensei for Gameboy Color

   Another game in the Megami Tensei series, largely unseen in the United States, has been announced in Japan. Shin (new) Megami Tensei: Devil Children is a Gameboy Color RPG, and it will be released in two versions, Red Book and Black Book. Similar to the Pokemon games, the games will have the same basic story, but with a different main character and different demons and special events to find and see. Players will be able to communicate and exchange or merge demons via the link cable.

   There will be over 200 demons to collect and trade in the game, with a data album which allows you to view information on all of the demons you have collected. Fans of the series may be confused by the seeming change in marketing ploy, but details on the plot are still nonexistant. It will be interesting to see if the Pokemon trick works for a series like Megami Tensei as well.

by Curtis Harmon

Source: The Magic Box

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