Evolution 2 Mini-Game and Gameplay Info

   While the release of the Dreamcast RPG Evolution draws near in Evolution, the sequel is set to be released in Japan only 12 days later. As previously reported, Evolution 2 will use the same battle and graphics engines with minor tweaking, while the story will be completely different. Items and weapons can be purchased regularly in stores around the towns, but you will also be able to upgrade your equipment at the Remodeling House. Sometimes this will allow the party to carry more items. You can also play mini-games in Lot Houses to win valuable or useful items. Another feature of the game will be the Intercontinental Railway, which will be the scene of plot points in addition to providing transportation.

   Included with the Dreamcast game is a "mini-game" for your Virtual Memory Unit. The "mini-game" is really more like a virtual pet or similar game, as the player gets to watch the heroine, Linear, eat, sleep, bathe, smile, and do other activities. The simulation takes up all of the blocks in the VMU, so you must clear out all data before loading it.

by Curtis Harmon

Source: The Magic Box

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