Sakaguchi reveals New Information

   Recently, GameSpot caught up with Squaresoft head Hironobu Sakaguchi and got some questions answered.. but more importantly, we've got some new questions as he hinted at some of Square's future plans. Here's a few of the details we found out:

He stated that they currently have no plans to develop for Nintendo's upcoming Dolphin system, but they would not announce anything until after they get finalized specifications on the system itself.

The FF Movie's soundtrack composer has yet to be decided.

He has not heard about the rumors that one of the beloved three series will end until now.

There are no current plans to work with Namco at this time.

Amano-san will be involved with the development with Final Fantasy as long as it continues and he consents, and should the hardware of the future allow much more freedom for character expression, Amano might return to character design.

Sakaguchi-san was asked one question about other RPG companies coming up to par with Squaresoft, but answered another question that no one but he heard. Luckily, the answer, and question, is a strong hint of things to come. He says that "In terms of networking games, I believe entities creating Ultima Online and Everquest are advanced at this time. But Square has already started research on a server-type online game. Within six months, I believe we will be able to have the same level of technology."

This is big news, as it might be the closest thing to a confirmation of a Square-made, Square-run massive multiplayer online role playing game that we'll get til probably the recently-rescheduled Square Millenium conference. At this point, it is unknown whether any of this new-found technology will be incorporated with the Playstation 2 Final Fantasy's network capabilities is not known at this time, although no one has stated that the stated Final Fantasy game is going to be in the actual series. We'll just have to see what Squaresoft has in store for us. For the full interview, click on this link.

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
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