New Digimon Game for WonderSwan

   The Pokémon-like game trend continues in Japan with a new Digimon simulation RPG for the portable WonderSwan. Entitled Digimon Adventure, the game allows the player to catch different Digimons on the journey. The Digimons can then be combined in battles to do special attacks. The dungeons in the game are randomly generated so that each trip to collect Digimon will be different. The game also supports WonderGate (connection online using cell phones) and the WonderSwan link cable.

   With the WonderSwan's impending in America and Pokemon's immense success, it is possible that Digimon Adventures could see an American release sometime in the future, although no word has been given yet. The game is slated for a December 16th release in Japan.

by Curtis Harmon

Source: The Magic Box

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