EverQuest Expansion Info

     The amazingly popular EverCrack... er... EverQuest is about to get a facelift. 989 Studios has announced that they will be releasing the expansion, The Ruins of Karnak in March of 2000. Sporting an enhanced 3D engine, another continent, a new race, more characters and an additional 20 zones, it's quite nearly a guarantee of even more free-time absorbing fun.

     Kunark will be located to the south of Faydwer and will offer both new advanced and beginner areas. Zones of all shapes and sizes ranging from crypts to underground castles will be present on it giving the already vast world that much more exploring ground.

     Currently, EQ supports a population of over 150,000 players and has given birth to one of the most dynamic online communities around. The cost of the expansion hasn't been decided upon yet, but 989 Studios is assuring everyone that the monthly cost will remain the same at $9.95.

by Hunter Wilcox    
Source: [GameSpot]
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