Amano and FFIX - Setting Info

     No matter how loved Amano's other projects are, it seems nearly all recent conversations with him end up drifting towards Final Fantasy IX. Since he's making his return to the series after an extended absence, the buzz has risen to something just short of a roar. In an interview with EGM, he reveals some vague setting information for the next Final Fantasy installment. He also comments on Final Fantasy Anthology and his most recent project, Hero.

     Amano was unable to comment on specifics about his work on FFIX, but he did say that it was making a return to a more traditional fantasy setting. Perhaps Square is slowly going to work their way back down to high fantasy? It's all speculation at this point, but what we have learned is that IX is most likely not going to be another space opera.

     From the sounds of things, FFIX is shaping up to be a visual feast. Amano's return, enhanced technology and an older style fantasy world may end up being the recipe for the most fantastic FF game yet. More info will be posted when it becomes available, as always.

by Hunter Wilcox    
Source: [GameSpot]
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