Alundra 2 Story Details

   The release date for Alundra 2 is getting close in Japan, and as it approaches more details of the story and gameplay have become available. Alundra 2: Mystery of the Magical Evolution, its Japanese title, is set to be released on November 11th, with a March 20, 2000 expected release date in the United States. The US release is being handled by Activision.

   Alundra 2 is not a direct sequel to Alundra, but it retains the same style of gameplay using a new fully-3D polygonal engine. The gameplay is once again focused around hundreds of puzzles which can be solved using the main character, Flint's, abilities. A comic side to the game is also expected in certain aside sequences. For those unfamiliar with Alundra, the gameplay has often been compared to Zelda in overall style.

   Plotwise, the game focuses on the efforts of Flint and the Princess Aisha to stop the evil plan of Mephisto. His plan is to use a "Magic Screw" to force all living things through a "Magical Evolution". Already he has transformed many creatures, and his goal is to eventually use a giant "Magic Screw" to transform every creature on Earth into his slaves! Our heroes, of course, cannot stand for anything like that happening, so they're ready to fight their way through many obstacles and monsters to stop him!

   To solve certain puzzles in the game the hero will need to use the four elements, fire, earth, water, and wind, to his advantage. The elements are conveniently color-coded to certain things so that the puzzles can be more easily figured out. For example a green tower of blocks would need the wind element to be solved, as green is the color of wind. Other puzzles will require quick reflexes on the player's part or actual thinking.

   Alundra 2 also promises numerous mini-games in the game's path to keep the player entertained. Winning mini-games such as "River of Bombs" or "Dog Dog Attack" will reward the player with additional skills or items, making playing the mini-games more relevant to the actual game.

   Overall Alundra 2 seems to continue to play in the same vein as its predecessor, simply with enhanced graphics and puzzles and a different story. Fans of puzzle-laden action RPGs should be sure to check this title out.

by Curtis Harmon

Source: IGN PSX

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