Details about Chrono Cross

    More details were recently released regarding Squaresoft's new RPG, Chrono Cross.

    First of all, Lucca and Marle have both been confirmed as characters, and others may make cameos.

    The odd crayon-drawn pictures are explained quite simply: after defeating Lavos, Lucca established an orphanage for unfortunate children. However, one day, the orphanage caught fire, and Serge rushes in to save Lucca and the children. However, she is nowhere to be found.

    Also, the Masamune has fallen into evil hands. There is a sword, known as the Elrazak Dragon Sword, that can defeat the Masamune, but no one knows where it is.

    Finally, there is an object known as the Frozen Flame that grants users the wish they most desire. However, this wish does not come without a price to pay.

    All these different elements were also in the Sattellaview (A Japanese only program which allowed users to download Nintendo-made games) game, Radical Dreamers. This lends credence to the rumor that perhaps Crono Cross is a remake of the game.

by Matthew Prince     
Source: The GIA
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