Dragon's Quest 7 Info and Release Date

   Enix decides to finally put an end to the speculation, and has released new information on Dragon Quest 7, including a Japanese release date.. in 1999. That's right, Enix will release the latest incarnation of their popular series on December 29th, 1999, so that Japanese fans will have exactly two days to beat the game before no electronics on the planet work. Well, maybe not, but if that were the case they'd have their hands full. The game is now two CDs, and very little to none of that is Full Motion Video, so they definitely packed in the gameplay. The Dragon Quest series has sold over 22 million copies since it first started 12 years ago. While North American fans await the translation, you can check out Dragon Warrior Monsters for Game Boy Color, which will be out in December.

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
Source: [Magicbox]
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