Sakura Taisen series on Dreamcast

   Eariler this week, Sega announced Sakura Taisen 3 will be released for the Dreamcast in Japan. The game will come out in the fall of 2000 on a 3 GD-ROM set. Also, the two Sakura Taisen games for Saturn will be ported to Dreamcast, and released earlier in the year. The first Sakura Taisen is expected in spring of 2000, and Sakura Taisen 2 is expected in the Summer of 2000. The remakes will feature updated graphics and music, the ability to save during battle, and support for the VMS, Puru Puru Pack, and the DC Modem. Several other Sakura Taisen projects are in the works. There are plans for an anime series and a perhaps a movie. There is also talk of a new action game based on the series due out next spring. With the popularity that the series seems to be enjoying in Japan, it would not surprise me if we eventually see one, if not all of these titles here.

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
Source: [Gamefan]
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