New RPG from From Software

    From Software has announced a new RPG for the Playstation. Called Evergrace, it seems to be a action RPG with many traditional elements. Characters gain levels using experience, as usual, and also get discretionary points to apply to abilities (strength, agility, and so on).

    The equipment system is more advanced than usual, allowing players to latch armor and other equipment onto the legs, arms, torso, and head. Also, there are slots for rings, amulets, and Balmira. The game uses a charging gauge, called the Balmira gauge, to execute certain attacks, which can be magical or physical.

    Unlike From's other two titles, King's Field and Shadow Tower, which were both in a first-person view, to a more traditional third-person. Evergrace is expected to be released in Japan next spring. More coverage will be forthcoming as it draws nearer.

by Matthew Prince     
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