Used Game sale banned in Japanese Retail Stores

   There was a court case in Japan this morning regarding the right for retail stores to resell used video games. Now keep in mind, this applied only to retail stores in Japan, but the judge sided with manufacturers which include Sega, Namco, and Sony, and has outlawed the sale of used video games in retail stores. Once again, this applies ONLY TO JAPAN. The reasons from what we understand are due to the original owner of the copyright. The manufacturer maintains the right to that software, making it illegal for a store to resell it for a profit.

   Now keep in mind that similar judgements over the past few weeks have banned the resale of used movies in Japan. I don't know about the way the Japanese movie market works, but I have a feeling that such a law would be very hard to pass on our shores, but then again, who knows. However, if there is anything that this will affect, it will be the sale of imports. Once again, this is a law against retail stores in JAPAN only that have been outlawed.

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
Source: [CoreMagazine]
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