Square's Conference and Final Fantasy News

   Lots of stuff to report on from Square, but first and foremost is the Square Millennium conference, taking place in Yokohama, Japan on November 23rd. As you know, Square is most likely going to announce Final Fantasy IX for the Playstation. They also announced recently that there will be new information on upcoming Playstation 2 games. There will be playable demos for new games and video of others. It would not surprise me if they also dropped hints at the first Playstation 2 Final Fantasy titles and-or a new massive multiplayer online RPG that I suspect is in the works for the new system. There are only 10,000 seats available, so Square will draw random names for the available seats from those who have submitted their completed ticket applications.

   Another thing that you Final Fantasy fans might be interested in is a list of the songs on the soundtrack available in Final Fantasy Anthology. They are 1- FFV Opening Theme, 2-The Dungeon, 3- We're Pirates, 4- City Theme, 5- Parting Sorrow, 6- Mambo De Chocobo, 7- Distant Homeland, 8- Music Box Memories, 9- To My Beloved Friend, 10- The Phantom Forest, 11- Phantom Train, 12- Wild West, 13- Kids Run Through The City, 14- Terra (World of Balance theme), 15- Slam Shuffle, 16- Spinach Rag, 17- Johnny C Bad, 18- Mog, 19- Dark World, 20- Epitaph, 21- The Magic House, 22- The Prelude.

   Here's some other little tidbits for you. Square will be releasing their Final Fantasy VIII Orchestra CD Soundtrack in Japan on November 21st, right before the Millenneum conference. Also, reports show that Final Fantasy 8 was the #1 best selling Playstation title for the first three weeks it was out. In fact, the week it came out, it represented 25% of Playstation sales, which is huge. Expect this to be a very positive mark for the US with Squaresoft, and will probably help us get even more titles translated and released over here. Let's hope that Final Fantasy Anthology does this well too.

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
Source: [Magicbox]
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