Imaginaria's New Online RPG and More

   The relatively unknown developer Imaginaria is developing a Massive-Multiplayer Online RPG called "The Gryphon Tapestry." This, like most MMO-RPGs, is set in a medieval fantasy land, but unlike most MMO-RPGs, Imaginaria has purposefully gone out of their way to make their game unique. Instead of "hack and slash to get experience to gain levels" type of play, the game will focus on puzzle solving, cooperation, and community. It's hard to say if this will work or not, but here's one intriguing tidbit that'll help this system work. Your character cannot die. This game has a chance to be very refreshing, if Imaginaria can pull it off. Keep an eye out for this one.

   In other MMO-RPG news, Microsoft's Asheron's Call will begin beta-testing soon. For more info on how you could participate, just visit the game's website by clicking right here. Asheron's Call will be launched close to the holidays.

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
Source: [FGNOnline]
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