RPG Quickies

    Final Fantasy VI (III in the US) is being released on the PlayStation. The remake will contain a new CG intro, as well as new ending movie sequences. The title is currently scheduled for a March 1999 (Japan) release.

    Another Square RPG title, Racing Lagoon. The game is an anime style, racing RPG, that takes place in Yokohama, Japan. A demo will be included with Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2 when it is released December 23rd.

    The 64DD version of Zelda64 will be a "reverse" version of Zelda64. Essentially, it will contain the underworld of Zelda64. The traps and puzzles of this version are said to be much more difficult.

    As expected, Zelda64 has set a new Nintendo 64 sales record, selling a million copies in the US in just two weeks. Worldwide, Zelda64 sales exceed 1.5 million.

Source:[Gaming Age]

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