Playstation RPG Announcements

    Konami has released more info on their upcoming RPG, Genso Suikoden II, which is slated for a December 3rd release in Japan. Among the new additions to Genso Suikoden II are restuarants. Here you can buy HP healing meals, as well as bring vegetables, meats, or fish to have new meals made. Growing vegetables and raising cattle are also part of this sequel.

    Koei's PC Simulation RPG, Romance of the 3 Kingdoms: Legend of SouSou will be released on Playstation in 1999. Legend of SouSou breaks away from the rest of the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms series, which were War Strategy games.

    Victor Interactive Software is working on an new RPG, entitled Eternal Chain, scheduled for a spring 1999 Japanese release. The game takes place 16,000 years in the past, when humans still lived on Mars. Because resources on Mars are becoming scarce, the humans moved to Earth, where the Gods lived. Once on Earth, the humans divide into groups that like and dislike the Gods, and wars begin.

    Several new features are in the Playstation version of Soul Hackers, that were not found in the Saturn version. The 3D graphics will be improved, and each character, including the devils, will have more frams of animation. New characters and enemies are going to be included as well as new mini games. The playstation version will be PocketStation compatible, possibly allowing breeding of devils.

Source: [The Magic Box]

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