Final Fantasy VIII: Guardian Force Descriptions

    Hot on the heals of the images released of some of the Guardian Forces, comes descriptions of them and their abilities. First up, Alexander, who has the ability to revive party members, and has a good knowledge of medicines.

    Next, Ketswarkwartle (ED: I believe this is the another spelling of Keishakuwatol/Quetzcoatl), a large bird that has strong magic abilities, and strikes the enemy with a thunderstorm attack.

    Shiva is making another appearance. This time she possesses the ability to tell when you will die. She also has protective powers, and can inflict freezing attacks upon the enemies.

    Finally, comes Kochocobo, the baby chocobo. It has no special abilities, but wields a Chocofire technique, capable of producing fiery explosions. Kochocobo appears when you use the Gizaru vegetable.

Source: [PSXIGN]

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