News: Miscellaneous Appetizers

    Sting's Upcoming Dreamcast RPG, Evolution, is set to use an unique system, known as "Automatic Dungeon". Using the Dreamcast's internal clock, Evolution will determine when to open certain paths and when certain items are will be available in the game. Evolution is set for a December 23rd release in Japan.

    Fans of monster breeding will be delighted to hear that Bandai is working on a Playstation version of Digimon. Entitled Digimon World, the game will include both RPG and monster breeding/battle elements. Digimon World is slated for a January 1999 release.

      In other monster breeding news, Tam will release a new game GameBoy RPG title, Birdie Gun on December 11 in Japan. Birdie Gun will support their Bar Code Reader addon for Gameboy.

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