News: Miscellaneous Tidbits

    Atlus' latest Playstation strategy-RPG, Brigandine, has been delayed until 11.13.98. In other release news, Ascii's Master of Monsters is delayed until 12.02.98.

    In other sad news, it appears that Eidos has finally scrapped plans to publish Final Fantasy V for Windows 95. This is probably the final nail in the coffin of the dreams that RPG players outside of Japan might see this fine game.

    On a happier note, UEP Systems, of Cool Boarders fame, is currently working on a new RPG entitled Battle Insects. The object is to collect and train insects to fight against other insects. No platform or release information is available at this time.

    Atlus has announced that they will indeed port Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers to the Playstation. The RPG will include additional features over the original Saturn version, and will support the PocketStation. It appears Atlus heard the cries of the masses.

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