Final Fantasy Tactics Bugs

    After our article Friday about possible bugs in Final Fantasy Tactics, RPGamer has received emails from readers who have also experienced the same problem, a possible cause, and an email detailing another potentially devastating bug.

    Apparently, if the characters take a job in a town that is later temporarily removed from the map, when the town later reappears, the characters are lost. Of course, without using a FAQ/Walkthrough or strategy guide, this could be hard to avoid. The staff at RPGamer would like to thank Evan Jones for this information.

    The other bug that has been reported is potentially much more devastating. Nearly everyone who has played the game has chocobos in their party. It seems possible for those chocobos to cause you to lose party members, when they reproduce while you are in a battle. Needless to say, this could be much more frustrating than the above problem, as it has the potential to occur more frequently.

    A technical support representative from SquareSoft stated that the company has "no comment" at this time. We encourage our readers to call SquareSoft Technical Support at 714-428-0599 to report any bugs they find while playing Final Fantasy Tactics, or any other SquareSoft game.

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