A new Trend in Plots?

    An apparent new trend in plots is sneaking up on gamers, in disguise as Saga Frontier 2, from Square, and Dragon Valor, from Namco. Both of these games feature a system that has been described as a "generations of offspring" by Namco.

    In Dragon Valor, you are presented with a story line that requires more than one life span to complete. Your character must then choose a wife with which to have offspring. The traits of your wife will effect the child, so you will have to be choosy.

    With Saga Frontier 2, Square has taken a different route. Taking the role of Gustav, it is the player's responsibility to find "personal salvation." However, in order to complete the game, the player must take on the roles of several of Gustav's followers, after Gustav has dies at the early age of 49. Choices you make in the game will open different storylines, and different endings.

Sources:[FGN and Gaming Age]

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