Confirmed Titles and Hot Rumors for Sega's Dreamcast

   The upcoming line-up for Sega Dreamcast continues to grow. With the Japanese release of Dreamcast less then two months away, many companies are showing support for Sega's latest system. Among the long list of games confirmed are the following RPGs:

  • Blue Stinger - Climax (Action-RPG)
  • Climax Landers - Climax (Adventure RPG)
  • Elemental Gimmick Gear - Hudson (Action-RPG)
  • Grandia 2 - Game Arts
  • Harukaze Sentai V Force 2 - Bing Kids (Sim-RPG)
  • Project Berkley - Sega (Fighting-RPG)
  • Sonic/Knuckles RPG - Sega

   There are also a few rumors of other titles waiting to be announced. While unconfirmed, here are some that should arouse many interests.

  • Grandia Complete - Game Arts
    Hardly anything is known so far about this RPG.
  • Lunar: Eternal Blue - Game Arts
    Working Designs denies the possiblilty of a remake of this game for the Dreamcast. It could also be a new Lunar game, though it's very unlikely that WD will work with Sega on such a project.
  • Panzer Dragoon Saga 3 - Sega (Action-RPG)
    Not much is known on this possible continuation of the series.

Quite an impressive list. Remember, this list is only the RPGs. There are many more titles waiting for the Dreamcast's debut. RPGamer will have more on each of these games as information becomes availible.

Source: [Dreamcast IGN]

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