Xenogears is closer than you think

   Earlier in August, we reported on an announcement from a Square Electronics Arts spokesperson that their highly anticipated Xenogears had been delayed until November in order for a more thorough translation to be completed. Retail chains such as Electronics Boutique have long maintained an October 21st release date for the game, however, and now it seems as though Squaresoft is singing to the same tune as well.

   Squaresoft's homepage was updated late yesterday with a notice that Xenogears would be released in "two weeks time," and that those who reserve the game at a local Electronics Boutique store will receive a collectible phone card while supplies last. A spokesperson for Square Electronic Arts L.L.C. was not availble to comment at press time, but the two week notice combined with the promotional deal at Electronics Boutique should make it safe to assume the EB projection of an October 21st release as being accurate.

   In other Squaresoft news, Next Generation Online has reported that Square USA's LA studio may be set for layoffs that could result in a partial or a total closure of the studio, with remaining employees transfered to the Honolulu studio. Square has not confirmed or denied the rumors, saying instead that an official statement from Square EA's president Jun Iwasaki will be available shortly. We'll bring you the full story when that happens.

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