TGS: Thousands eye Thousand Arms
Thousand Arms at TGS
Many gathered around Atlus' booth for Thousand Arms info

   Now that the Tokyo Game Show has come to a close after three successful days of exhibits and presentations, we've been busy pouring over some of the tidbits of info that emerged from the show. One in particular that caught our eye was the largest attraction at Atlus' booth -- information and views of their upcoming Japanese RPG, Thousand Arms.

   Reiterated at the show was information on how the 2 CD game has been in production for nearly four years, and boasts the skills of many talented people in the anime industry to create fantastic FMV segments. Newly learned is that the game is set for a Japanese release on December 17th of this year for a price of 6,800 yen.

   Visitors and press to the show were able to take an extended look at Thousand Arms from Atlus' booth. So far, the visual elements to the game are top-notch -- a mix of pre-rendered backgrounds, hand-drawn sprites, in addition to polygonal backgrounds in battle. While not a large number of anime-drawn animations were available to be seen, the quality that was shown is certainly enough to get many fans excited.

   Atlus hasn't yet officially confirmed Thousand Arms for a North American release, but just like an English release of Lunar : Eternal Blue on the PlayStation from Working Designs, the game has been hinted at with amusingly little subtlety. Let's hope this upcoming gem makes it over here!

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