TGS: Square reveals use of Sony's PDA in FF VIII

   In addition to the many bells, whistles and eye-candy available at Square's booth on the Tokyo Game Show's floor, the very first details on exactly how Square plans to utilize Sony's upcoming Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) for the PlayStation was quietly but steadily gaining attention with eager show-goers.

   The PDA (now officially called the PocketStation) will be used in Final Fantasy VIII as a place to grow and breed your very own chocobo. Similar to the chocobo-breeding in Final Fantasy VII, players will aid the chocobo to grow on the tiny screen, and will then presumbably be able to insert the PocketStation back into the PlayStation's memory card slot to ride the feathered creature in the game.

   With the PocketStation set for a release in North America sometime around early 1999, gamers on the other side of the world will not miss out on the breeding experience.

Source: [GameSpot]

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