TGS: A Final Fantasy fighting game?

   You may already have heard of Square's arcade and soon-to-be-PSX fighter Ehrgeiz, but the way things are heading along now, the game might as well be renamed "Final Fantasy Fighter."

   At the Tokyo Game Show in Japan, the final list of playable characters has finally been unveiled, and now has grown to a shocking number of five characters from Final Fantasy VII. Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, Vincent, and everyone's favorite thief, Yuffie, have all been confirmed as controllable fighters in the game. Slated for a December 17th release in Japan, Ehrgeiz also includes a new "Quest Mode" where you engage in a storyline between battles, a parallel of the Tobal series.

   (Okay, Ehrgeiz isn't exactly an RPG, but it's certainly an interesting tidbit, don't you think?)

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